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BaussT is a rapper who is known not only for his exceptional talent but also for his commitment to giving back to the community. He has pledged to donate 25% of all net proceeds from his music to various community projects and causes. BaussT believes in using his platform to make a positive impact and create change in the world. His dedication to giving back has earned him the respect and admiration of his fans and fellow artists alike. BaussT’s music not only entertains but also serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration for those who are striving to make a difference in their communities.

The Rising

An Artist's Journey

BaussT’s journey to the rap scene began when he was just a young child growing up in the streets of Washington, DC. Despite the challenges he faced growing up in a tough neighborhood, he discovered his love for music and began rapping at a young age. However, BaussT had to put his dreams on hold for a while as he dealt with personal struggles and life’s obstacles. But now, he’s making a comeback and ready to showcase his talent to the world. BaussT’s unique upbringing and life experiences are reflected in his music, which speaks to the struggles and triumphs of his journey. With his passion and dedication to his craft, there’s no doubt that BaussT’s comeback will be a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene.


Music Player

  1. Texas Dirty Stoner 3:37
  2. Hip Hop And Rock Cinematic ikoliks 3:39
  3. Stylish Powerful Indie Rock Octo Sound 5:47
  4. Sport Promo 6:10
  5. Inspiring Piano 7:35
  6. Upbeat Sport Rock 3:29


Coming Soon


BaussT’s upcoming album titled “Resurrection” is highly anticipated among his fans and the music industry. The album’s title is fitting for his comeback, as he rises from the ashes and proves that he’s a force to be reckoned with in the rap scene. The album is set to feature a range of styles and themes, with each track showcasing BaussT’s versatility and unique voice. From introspective ballads to upbeat anthems, “Resurrection” promises to be a well-rounded album that appeals to a wide audience. Fans can expect powerful lyrics that delve into BaussT’s personal struggles and triumphs, as well as thought-provoking social commentary. With his talent and dedication to his craft, there’s no doubt that “Resurrection” will be a game-changer for BaussT and solidify his place as a rising star in the music industry.


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“and not a damn thing changed…’cept yo mind rearranged and deranged…what I gotta do…is what I’m havin’ to…from me to you…it’s a zoo”

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